mercoledì 29 giugno 2016


The sky is red
It could be raining.
A suicidal sunset behind clouds
Hides the show
to noisy spectators.

-We wait-

All leaves abandon their secure house.
They all fall down
-red, yellow, green,
yellow brown, green. -

The sky is red,
or purple maybe.
The clock goes ahead
and we stare at other busy lives.

Where did we forget our dreams?

We step on leaves
Forgetting they were alive.

The sky is red.
We don't want to fall down.
Too many dreams were lost
Too much time wasted.

The right time arrives
Perhaps you'll find me here
Perhaps I will have taken my wings.

The sky is red
The blood is red.
Our heart is beating.
let's live again. 

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